In order to ensure that our advice is accurate and that our services are
comprehensive, we have established a number of alliances with
other professionals, including:
     lawyers
     chartered accountants
     actuaries
     financial planning consultants of similar philosophy
We welcome new business and would be pleased to hear from you.  
We can be contacted by telephone at (403) 313-2535 or by email at
Services We Provide

The purpose of our business existence is to assist individuals in
achieving and maintaining a position of financial independence.  
We believe that we can best do this by offering fee-based analysis
and advice in all aspects of financial counselling.

Following is a list of consulting services in which we have expertise
and in respect of which we provide highly-skilled and fully objective
Comprehensive financial planning analysis and advice
including tax, retirement, estate and investment planning

Employer-sponsored financial and retirement planning

Financial planning seminars for employees and other

"Modular" financial planning, i.e., analysis and advice on
specific financial issues

Advice on tax-effective compensation in connection with
employment contracts

Supplementary Executive Retirement Plans ("SERPs")

Tax planning and tax return preparation

Situation-specific financial counselling, such as early
retirement program assistance

Analysis of life insurance and disability insurance
proposals from clients' other advisors