About Our Business

Jack Financial Consulting Ltd. is a firm founded in 2005 by a long
term financial planning professional.  The firm's principal, Bob
Jack, has been active in this business for more than 35 years,
making him one of the most experienced financial planners in

Bob founded the firm in order to offer individuals and companies
the opportunity to obtain genuinely unbiased advice on personal
financial planning matters.  The firm has no conflicts of interest.  
The Company does not sell financial products nor additional
financial services.  You, as the client, pay only for the advice you
receive and the Company never takes remuneration from any
outside source - either directly or indirectly.  This means that we do
not accept compensation from anyone except the client.

Moreover, we do not provide any additional services in respect of
the advice we give, i.e., there is no hidden agenda to sell financial
products or additional services to you or your employees.  
Furthermore, in the unlikely event that our firm finds itself in a
conflict of interest, we are committed to making that known to our
About Us